Forrest City, AR

So, on Leap Day we stopped in beautiful Forrest City, AR after a long day of driving, and all in all things weren’t too shabby! Wes did an amazing job pulling the trailer, and I successfully performed my blocker car duties by opening up lanes for him in busier areas of the interstate (particularly around Nashville; sorry, silver Honda Civic that was in such a hurry!). While I wish we could ride together for a number of reasons–budget, environmental, and simply & selfishly more fun–the addition of walkie-talkies makes things less dull. Can’t say enough about how fun it is to talk with these bad boys in ridiculous code that neither of us understand.

Our campsite was fine for what it is: a place to rest, take a shower, and leave. We actually had to stay until around noon due to a fairly bad rain and wind storm, and the kind overseer didn’t make us leave by checkout time knowing our reservations about towing in rough weather. One thing I’ve already noticed about RV life is that generally, we are surrounded by kind-hearted folks who are more than happy to extend a smile and a wave, or even wave a camp fee when necessary. So thanks, Gary at Delta Ridge…we made it to our stop in Texas safe and sound!

Wes driving due west out of town.

But before we left, I had to get some postcards to send to family from our first official stop on this wacky adventure. And let me tell you, they might be my favorite postcards of all time.


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