Fishing Trip

Hello again.
 First of all I have to say your author today is Wes, not Laura. 
So please excuse to lack of humor and ability. I’m just not the writer she is.
Last week we took a boat out of Port Aransas, TX into the Gulf of Mexico. We are currently living about an hour away from there. When we found out we needed to be there at 5:45 am to board the boat, the wake up call time was scary. We got there on time and ready for the three hour boat ride out.
Laura awake and ready to catch some fish.

This would be the first time for me to be on a boat without land in sight. As daylight broke, it was very apparent that all we could see was water.

Laura with her sea legs.
After about three hours of walking around a boat like I was drunk (I do not have very good sea legs) we arrived at our fishing spot. At first it was slow, so the captain moved around to a few more spots. The last stop was where they were. The captain had found us a school of Dog Snappers and Red Snappers. Before this, I couldn’t of told you the difference. 
The captain ask all of us if it was ok to stay out longer while we were in this school of fish. My reply was, “I love it here”.
Me with a s@#t eating grin. Too bad it is a Red Snapper and is out of season. It had to go back

We had a blast. Laura caught a mess of Vermilion Snappers that ended up as fish tacos that very night.


After a few Reds I caught a very nice sized Dog Snapper that wasn’t bad eatin’ either.

The next evening’s dinner
The ship’s catch. There was about 20 people fishing that day. The third from the left is my Dog Snapper. We watched a teenager bring in one of those Amberjacks. It was 40 lbs. He looked very tired and pleased to get it on board.
All and all, we were very happy with the trip. The boat we took was with a company called Dolphin Docks Inc They are in Port Aransas, TX, which is just out side of Corpus Christi. They offer 4,8,9,10,&12 hour trips at a very reasonable price. They also have a few overnight trips. They supply all the bait, tackle, and rods. All you have to do is get there on time, remember to take your Dramamine, and enjoy all the fresh fish you are going to eat later that night. They also have a service to clean your fish for .40/lb.. They do it right there on the dock, and they are fast. You just can’t beat that.
Our good friends Noel and Beth will be visiting us in a few weeks. We have already booked a trip with Dolphin Docks. I can’t wait to see what fish we catch then. On a side note, we are hoping my brother Ashley can find the time to come visit while we are here too. There is all kinds of saltwater fly fishing to be had here for him.
Well, there you have it. My first, and Laura’s first time with me, deep sea fishing trip. Well, I guess my first blog entry too.  


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