Where Have We Been?!

I know, I know…I have been a very, very bad blogger! For the long absence, I apologize, but ask you to refer to the initial posting’s addendum in which I pretty much declare myself a deadbeat documentarian. In my defense, it is quite difficult to stop doing things on my days off in order to sit down and write about the doing of the aforementioned things…so hard! But it’s overcast and cloudy this morning, I had one too many sentimental mint juleps on Derby day, and so I have nothing on the agenda but a pot of coffee and free time to play catch up. So without further ado, here is another sub par posting to get things rolling again!

So where have we been, anyway?!
In April we decided we’d had enough of the first park we stopped in, and with the beach being so darn close by, why not spend the month living there? ON THE BEACH. Quite literally.

Port Aransas, on northern Mustang Island. 

and spent the month swimming, walking on the beach, fishing off of the local pier, meeting interesting full time travelers, and generally having an ocean-side, lazy good time. 
What the offices and laundry facilities of IB Magee look like from the beach.

A busy weekend day at the beach, viewed from the laundry room.
Sometimes chores have to be done, even when the sun is shining.

Our friends Noel and Beth even travelled from Louisville to see our new digs. 
Noel & Beth fishing near the jetties.
That’s our park in the background.
 Noel made sure we got a little fishing in every day…and most nights, too. 
On his first night in town, he caught two sand sharks off the pier.
And yep, we swim out in the very same waters as that fearsome creature…

 Wes & his prize bonnethead.

 Sunrise on our way out to deeper waters.

Noel charmed his way into the Captain’s Quarters.
Here they are discussing our next fishing spot.
We spent that long weekend going on fishing trips, playing on the beach, staying up too late, and enjoying catching up with our much-missed hometown buddies. It was hard to let them leave so soon, but here’s hoping we’ll venture off to another location where folks will want to stop by and see us again (the couch totally pulls out into a semi-comfortable queen-size, you guys)! 
In between Noel & Beth’s visit and now, Wes and I pretty much did more of the same ol’ stuff…Beach and fishing, with some day trip fun stuff thrown in. There isn’t a lot of city life to be had around these parts, so we end up playing outside when the weather permits, and that hasn’t been too shabby!
 Wes & Cohen demonstrating a typical day in Port A.
Aside from lots of sand and even more wind, the gulf coast beach was a blast to live on for the month of April. We recently moved the rig back inland a bit to hose off the sand and salt, live a little closer to work for the end of this contract, and to be within better driving distance of some surrounding sites we still want to check out before we leave the area in June. 
So there you have it: our past several weeks of RV living in South Texas, summed up in one tidy little blog posting! Looking forward to showing you a couple of the little day trip adventures we’ve had since March, too…& to letting you all in on our next destination coming up at the end of the month! 
And Happy Mother’s Day, everyone…We are off to call our two favorite Mommas now!
Lots of love,

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