Our Next Stop

After a long and somewhat lazy three months, we are finally coming to the end of our time in Corpus Christi. The work contract that brought us here ends officially on June 4th, but thanks to the Memorial Day holiday weekend and the kindness of an awesome coworker–Thanks, Erin! You’re the best around!–we will be able to head out of town early and have a few extra days to play before the next 13 week contract rolls around starting June 20th.

Our upcoming destination for the summer season is…San Francisco! 

Well, more accurately, the Bay Area/Palo Alto, but that sounds a bit more boring, and we won’t be living in EPA proper, anyway (they don’t take too kindly to big rigs in those fancy parts of town). And frankly, we want–need may be a more appropriate word here–to be closer to some city life than we have been for the last quarter.

Don’t get us wrong, we love some outdoor activities, and we have hobbies & projects that can keep us busily entertained for days at a time, but when you get down to it, we miss those things that only happen in larger communities. Like museums. And fine dining. And craft beer. And live music venues. And park systems. And public transportation. And…as you can see, we are pretty excited about relocating to a bigger city and all of the boons that come with such a move.

Also, not sure if you guys are aware of this, but south Texas is HOT. As in 98° in the shade hot. The more temperate northern Pacific Coast will be a nice break from the hot and humid Gulf weather.

We will be living in Pacifica, CA for our first month in the area, a city that has small-town charm (with a local farmer’s market that I’ve heard is fantastic!), excellent surfing, & best of all, is about the half-way point between my new workplace and downtown SF proper. All in all, a pretty good starting off point for our next summer home-away-from-home.

But what is even more exciting than our next destination? To paraphrase Emerson (or Hough, or Aerosmith, or inspirational posters wallpapering dorm rooms nationwide):

Life is a journey, not a destination.

Terribly trite? Yes. But absolutely true in this case! We have 19 days to play between Point A and Point Pacifica, CA. That is a long time to live a little while we make our way up the coast…And we even have a rough idea of what we want to see between here and there:

  • Big Bend National Park-Probably 4-5 days of hiking right out of the gate!
  • Terlingua Ghost Town-One day trip near Big Bend that I’m dying to take.
  • Marfa, TX-Four days and three nights of Mystery Lights and minimalism.
  • Joshua Tree National Park-At least 2-3 days of exploring another NP.
  • Morro Bay, CA-Just a pretty State Park en route to our final (for now) stop.

There will likely be a stop somewhere between Corpus & Big Bend, as well as a night off the road on our way from Marfa to Joshua Tree. Long drives are even longer when you’re towing a 32′ trailer, and we don’t like to push ourselves too much when the house is at stake.

If any of you have tips on where to stop and take a breather along our way, let us know! We love roadside attractions and tiny underground gems, & will eagerly accept suggestions along our route…giant balls of yarn & fiberglass dinosaurs always win Laura’s attention.




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