Terlingua, TX

While we were hiking around Big Bend National Park, we had to call somewhere home for 4 days. That home ended up being BJs RV Park in Terlingua, Texas. I described in a previous post how cool the park host Beth was (in summation: VERY), but I have to say that the town of Terlingua as a whole is a very interesting little desert town within short distance of Big Bend NP (about 25 miles) that was perfect for our daily commute into the park.

Stories of its history vary on the internet as well as on the front porch of the trading company store, but here is the gist: Terlingua was a mercury mining town that went bust, and the folks that depended on that livelihood left their homes behind for the desert to claim over time. The town was then bought and sold over the decades, and has become the quaint tourist attraction that it is today.

Ruins of old homes pepper the stark desert landscape, and a cemetery for the tried and true Terlingua residents sits on a hill that overlooks the Chisos mountain ranges beyond. It is a town of artists, old timers, and free-thinking folk that still give a distinct sense of endurance and toughness that is undoubtedly a necessity for desert-dwelling.


One thought on “Terlingua, TX

  1. You two are having more FUN than probably 95% of the American population. We are so happy for you and all of your adventures!


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