Visitors of the Year

Laura just wrote a great post about what all we have learned one year into your nomadic life. I would like to add one thing, and then just post a lot of photos. As we all know, Laura is the writer of us two.

The thing I would like to add is the subject of visitors. We were lucky enough to have a few this year. Our friends Beth and Noel (new parents of a beautiful baby girl as of last night) came to see us in TX. My brother Ashley also was able to come see us in TX. My parents were able to come see us in the Bay Area.

I thought I would share some photos of the trips, as I slacked off the posting of them as they happened.


Fishing with Beth and Noel in Tx


Beth with her fish from the pier.



Laura with her shark


IMG_1336Noel kept bring them in

Noel hooking a stingray.


Saltwater flyfishing with Ashley

He is always the one catching fish.

IMG_1582At least I was sight casting a lot better after that trip.


Mom and Dad’s trip to the Bay Area



IMG_2030We all got to take a cable car ride. I’ve always wanted to do this, but never had. Guest always make a good excuse to try something you haven’t.


These ladies look at home at Alcatraz.


We had a blast this last year, and we feel so very lucky to have been able to share some of it with the people we love.



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