And We’re Off (Again)!

After a lovely hiatus between Atlanta and the next gig–more on that contract’s specifics to follow in another post–our visit back in the bluegrass has come to a close. We saw family and friends, met the shiny new babies that some of our dearest have had while we were away (adorable!) and spent some sacred time in our beloved Kentucky river valley. Time flies when we are back in town, but we were glad to have what we had and see who we saw while in our hometown. Now the next leg of our journey is about to begin, and we couldn’t be more excited!

We are headed to Utah for a couple of weeks to explore the five National Parks there, and then we’re off to our next destination-for-now in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming for the summer months.

But first we have to introduce the newest addition to our fleet: the Transit Connect, also known as “The Vacation Home.”

Transit Connect

We traded in the trusty ol’ Focus for a slightly larger van, but the new addition is still relatively compact for city-life maneuvering when necessary. We intend to turn the Connect into a modular camper for short trips during extended-stay nursing contracts, so we can venture off from our home base without pulling up the entire big rig; in the interim, the van seats five comfortably, seven tightly, and functions as our commuter car. It’s ugly and perfect, and I can’t wait to show you the conversions as we work them out to best fit our wants and needs!

We are off bright and early in the morning, which means off to dinner and promptly bed for me. Good night, and happy trails, everyone. We’ll miss you, Kentucky…

Lots of love,


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