Burning Diesel, Burning Dinosaur Bones

(& Happy Earth Day…)
And we made it to Moab! A day early, no less!! Yes, we burned quite a bit of fuel on Earth Day, but now we plan to sit tight for a while and enjoy our surroundings. Wes was a true champion of making the mileage to avoid 40+mph winds forecast for tomorrow, and we pulled into our home for the next week at the OK RV Park this afternoon.

Cohen Elevated.jpg

The OK RV Park sits adjacent to a horse park, and is a bit removed from the busy center of Moab-proper. The camp hosts are nice, the surrounding Utah landscape is of course majestic, and we are excited to have the week to explore and enjoy this south-eastern corner of the state before heading further west to Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef and Zion next week.

Yesterday we spent the evening in Gypsum, CO, a little mountain town nestled between Vail and Aspen. It was 28 degrees & snowing when we stopped in Vail for a bourbon to warm our bones a bit…thank goodness for their strategically placed fire features:

Vail Was Weird


Thursday we stopped in a tiny little town in central Kansas called Ellis. For $20 we camped at a small state park that had big rig sites nestled up against a little waterway called Big Creek. They had decent beer for sale nearby, soothing sounds of water flowing, and lots of shady oak trees for cover. The friendly Ellis police officer–I say “the” because the town only had one officer on each night, with a total police force composed of five–even stopped by to tell us where the tornado shelter was in case of bad weather overnight.

But here we are now in Moab, and we are eager to explore! Any tips on little-known trails to explore, or things that might be off the beaten path a bit are more than welcome…we are looking forward to spending some quality time with the five national parks here, and hopefully explore some of the state parks and federal public lands, too. We welcome advice from anyone who knows Utah and is willing to share some of their secrets! Thanks in advance, and happy trails, everyone!

Nurple Traverses Utah

Lots of love,


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