Cowboys and Aliens and Bears, Oh My!

I am sorry for the time we left the blog seating idle. We made it to Kentucky for the spring and had so much fun with family and friends that we forgot to keep it updated. Let us pick up in New Mexico on our way to Kentucky in the spring of 2018.

This part of New Mexico had so much more to offer then just the history and beauty of Lincoln. After a long day of towing to this part of the country we stopped just west of Lincoln in a small town named Capitan. Next to the mom and pop RV park we stayed at was a sign Laura and I have come to know well. It was a sign marking something to do with the National Park Service. Neither one of us knew what it would be here in the middle of nowhere. What we found was the grave of the real live Smokey the Bear.

It was news to us that there was a real live Smokey the Bear. The campaign had started with posters and cartoons before the living Smokey. In 1950 Lincoln National Forest had a very big forest fire. Firefights saved a black bear in the flame that had lost his mother and was badly burned. He was named Smokey and moved to the National Zoo in Washington D.C. where millions visited the black bear that embodied the anti-forest fire movement. Smokey passed in 1976. His remains where moved back to Capitan, New Mexico near the forest where he was found.

These finds are some of our favorite things about traveling and taking different routes across this big beautiful country of ours.

So that takes care of the bear part of the title. Billy the Kid is the cowboy part, but what is the alien you say. Laura had asked in passing where Roswell, New Mexico was in hopes of visiting. Not being up on my New Mexico geography I had to look it up. We were shocked to find we would drive right through it on our way back to I-40. It is only about an hour east of Lincoln. What don’t they have here?

If you are lucky enough to visit Roswell, NM you have to go to the International UFO Museum and Research Center.


The rest of Roswell is as one would expect. They have all the same things every town has in the southwest, but with an alien. Store front window paintings of the extra-terrestrials try to lure you into the store to buy whatever they are selling are on every corner. Some of the paintings and graphics are truly great and funny, but not one of them come close to what you will find inside the International UFO Museum and Research Center.

In 1947 a rancher found debris form an unidentifiable object outside of Roswell NM. The local Air Force base later said it was from a weather balloon. Many people to this day believe it was an UFO from outside of our planet. When you visit the International UFO Museum and Research Center you can watch video of the people that were there at the time of the crash and make a judgement for yourself. No matter what you think happened, the artwork in this place is worth the price of admission.

I know you are saying “but this is from months ago”, and you are right. There has been nearly 6 months pass since are trip back to Kentucky. We had a lovely time in Kentucky but he road called us again back in June. We had a time traveling a different route back to the mountain west, and I will do my best to get you all caught up.

Until next time,



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