Boise or Bust

We pointed the house to Billings after our stay in the Black Hills came to an end. We were only a few hundred miles form our “Montana Family” the Tillerys. We visited with them for a few wonderful days as they showed us around town again and took us to the mountain town Cook City. The road to get there was breathtaking.

Our Montana time flew by too quickly. Before we knew it, it was time to make our way to our summer home of Boise, Idaho. Laura and I knew very little about the town of Boise or even the state of Idaho. We both have had very limited time in Idaho before. I had read and seen pictures of the Sawtooth Mountain Range, and I knew there was pretty good fishing there. So we thought “what the hick, lets give it a try”.

We started researching where to go in Idaho the moment we hit Boise. We searched the web, talked to people at the RV park, went to fly fishing shops, and bought a few maps. What we found was there is so much to do it will make your head spin. Not knowing where to even start, we decided to take a car camping trip up to Redfish Lake in the Sawtooth National Forest as a way to dip or toes in and see what we could find. Wow, what a beautiful recon trip that was.

I was lucky enough to get a spot at Glacier View Campsite. It is right next to Redfish Lake with a beach and a view of the Sawtooth Range that we will not soon forget. There are a few campsites around Redfish Lake, and they are very busy in the summer. If you ever want to go, plan ahead. Everything was full when we got there, and we realized we were very lucky to have gotten a site at all.

The Sawtooth is a National Forest and not a National Park. That means that Cohen will be able to join us on our adventures in these mountains. So we got him his own backpack. If we have to pack our food in it is only fair he does the same.

The Redfish Lodge has a boat taxi that will take you to the other side of Redfish Lake and pick you up for a small fee. The next morning we all, including Cohen, put on our packs and headed for the boat. We were going to hike into a group of lakes called Bench Lakes and fish for brook trout. I could not have expected how gorgeous the hike would be.

We caught brookies until we had to make it back to catch the boat back home. We learn a lot from this trip. It was the start of a few more trips into this and other Idaho mountain ranges. The ones to follow would be a bit harder backcountry camping/fishing trips. We can’t wait to tell you all about it.

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